Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Progress

It's Wed. am and there's no crew outside. We said our good-byes yesterday. My yard is jaw-dropping gorgeous. At least that's my opinion and since I'm going to be paying for it for a good while, it's a good opinion to have.My side yard. Although not too exciting to look at, I am absolutely thrilled at this sight. This is the point of all my drainage concerns and those worries are no longer. You can see the Yellow Bell and Ocotillo planted towards the front. Those aren't quite the same now.Covered back patio. Thank g-d this mess is going to get painted soon! The Lantana plants already are working wonders!Full steam ahead in the backyard. The vegetable planter to the right has been built, stuccoed and filled with soil. The irrigation lines went in next. I'm dreaming of juicy tomatos. No planting for awhile. I'm waiting the tempreratures to come down first. It's going to be 115 today.These babies were waiting in the wings. They have found their homes. The drip irrigation didn't function over the weekend so in addition to being in shock, some of my plants became stressed. A new controller box was installed and I woke up this morning to see a dark spot around each plant. Everyone got a drink this morning.Meanwhile, in the front, plenty of work in progress. My fountain was going up. After spending 20, maybe 30, plus years laying around in my aunt's yard, the fountain she had shipped while on a trip to Mexico has found a new home in Phoenix. Thank you Tia Mary. It's not being set up for water. I'll explain more in another post.The gravel arrived. Three truckloads. One for the front yard, two truckloads for the backyard.Um, yeah....I was slightly freaked. Although the foreman expected the job done by Monday. "Hope," would have been a better word and I knew there was no way that was going to happen. I was concerned about complaints about the gravel in the street. The wheelbarrows got a lot of mileage. There were 4 of them going to and from the backyard yesterday.The design landscaping services and plants have been provided by Gardener's World and Gardener's Eden near South Mountain. I first became acquainted with the company from attending the Poinsettia Festival last winter. I have only great things to say about Ray, The Designer Man, the company owners, Mr. and Mrs. Petterson and the hardworking, landscaping crew. I have more to share but we're getting ready to head to the airport and pick up a friend who's coming to town for Art Unraveled.

There's still workshops available and some of the sold out ones have become available at the last minute. So far, I won't be taking any workshops-my focus has been eerywhere else-but it's possible I can have my arm twisted.Construction equipment has some treasures to admire. The inside of one of the truck doors. peeled paint, rust, scratches... There's plenty of artists at Art Unraveled that are spending time and effort trying to create this effect!

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  1. Yer place looks wonderful!!!What a great job the landscapers have done, and in that heat! Lookin 4ward to seeing it finished, paint etc....have a gr8 day!