Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm a bad mom. Carmen came by my bed for a visit-Yes, I blog from bed.... and she got a couple of potato chips. OOps, I guess I'm giving away that I'm munching while parked in my room. Oh well, I'm human. I'm surprised Freia hasn't come out from under the bed for some goodies. Maybe I should check the couch...

More views of the yard. Meet Punk. We're naming some of the plants. "Punk" was inspired by an encounter on the main drag in Huntington Beach, CA. The Chicklet and I were making our way back to the beach to our friends' bead shop. Our attention was captured by a young man, completely punked out with a spiked haircut consisting of a mohawk sectioned off into 5 spikes/triangles like rays from his head. Although this took place about 5 years ago, The Chicklet can still describe the guy to a "T."Our Palo Verde. Imagine my surprise when th 24" Palo Verde turned out to be smaller than the 15 gal. Tipu trees. It turns out some trees grow just fine in containers and others will thrive better in the ground. My, (yet unnamed), Palo Verde will catch up soon.My rose colored, flagstone pavers arrived. Talk about excitement!This was the absolute best. Installation for the front patio began. Only about 9 left to set in place to finish the 12' x 12' courtyard patio. Can you guess where I was hanging out Friday night?This is going to be my view. I plan on parking myself next to our Palo Blanco tree and just taking this in. This is what I saw when I looked up Friday afternoon and it was all good.Sat. came around and I had plans. Go to water aerobics, get paint, go to the nursery for the sharkskin agave and later in the evening experience the Flashlight Tour at the Desert Botanical Garden with a friend.

I arrived at the paint store within 15 minutes of closing. I didn't realize they closed at 3pm. Too late to get my color matched. Struck out there. The Sharskin Agaves that were free of the cured bug infestation are still not available. Struck out there!

We didn't strike out at the Heard Museum. Whew! I watch Good Morning Arizona on the weekends and I heard about free admission to the Heard. We'd driven by it a few days ago and thought to go. The timing was just right.Entering the museum took awhile. We enjoyed walking on the grounds. The shadows of the leaves showed through another.Not sure what made these marks on the leaves but there were quite a few. These are just as intriguing as the play of light.More for the "shadow" file. It was still hot enough to probably fry an egg on my dark hair but the courtyard of the museum had a lot to for us to see.We finally made it in. First stop:"La Casa Murillo," an installation piece by local artist, Kathy Cano-Murillo and her husband. It was the ultimate in Mexican kitsch. Can I say "cheesey" and make it sound like a compliment? It was over the top, sensory overload and a ton of fun. I came away with an abundance of inspiring ideas.A painting by artist Henry Fonseca. His iconic wolf...With legs like that....the Gillette company should be in business for a long time to come... Oh the shoes! Almost makes me want to get me some. Straps like these do not look good on women like me. Must be a tall wolf... How could I not take a picture of glittered, pink shoes to show the Chicklet?We walked the galleries. Printmaking from artists of the Arctic.Carved stone from the Southwest. The textures on this one are beautiful. It took restraint to keep me from running my hands along the hard stone.With so much to see it sometimes seems impossible to focus on one piece but it happens. Something captures the eye. In this case a gourd/basketry piece inspired by waves of water. You can sense the motion of the rippling water.The indigenous art gallery. This one is from Oceania. Gorgeous!Just inside the main entrance-this garden of handblown glass and ceramic totems. If you see yourself in this picture, don't forget to say "Hi!"We closed the place down. More plants to admire in the gardens. The red tips caught our attention. There were rows and rows of these.Next! Macayo's downtown...long time since I'd been there. A close-up of the mosaic outside the restaurant.We spent some time by the fountain at the museum on the way out. Rocks, leaves, water, sky...Then more sky but in a whole other prt of town
We haven't done this all Summer...visit our favorite sunset viewing spot. I picked up The Chicklet, we ran some errands and we caught sight of a colorful sunset.The Chicklet said her skin was turning pink. We came upon 3 cotton tailed rabbits as we pulled up. They disappeared into the desert. We were within 5 minutes of home. This is what I love about my neighborhood.We passed the camera back and forth. The Chicklet took some pictures, I took some. She did good!One week left of summer break for both of us. The Chicklet begins school in a week. Teachers report back in my district the day after. We're going to cram in plenty this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Good Morning :)
    Please save some of the fun "field trips" for when I am in Phoenix!!! It sounds like you girls had a fabulous weekend. Other than the ATC Live Trade at Dick Blicks, my weekend was very uneventful. Mostly laundry---needed some clean clothes to pack for the trip.
    -hugs, shari xoxox

  2. "Hi"...I saw "somebody" i reconized. Great pictues from your weekend journey. Have a great day!!!