Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blue, Blue, RED!

Home Sweet Home....This is what we saw as we pulled up to our house on Friday. The Chicklet and I had appointments to get haircuts. So we went from school to the appointments. Afterwards we turned onto our street and WOW, we caught a glimpse of the blue walls. It was exciting.Gotta love that wall in the carport. I wasn't happy about the overspray getting all over the rock, the plants and the bark of the Palo Brea. Hate to sound like a witch but after taking all the time to decide on the color of the rock and for everything I paid for the landscaping, I don't expect blue rock. After talking to the painter and his helper, they were more careful on Sat.The side yard on the way to the back yard. Ray, the Designer Man, and I discussed painting the planter another color. I couldn't think of what color I would have wanted. Had the planter had right angles, I might have thought of something but with angled walls, the blue seemed the best fit. More color will come with the plants. I'm also toying with the idea of mosaics on the planter.
Walking up the side yard we came to the backyard and looked over. Whoo hoo, check out the studio shed! This was the second color red than the sample I blogged earlier. It's a bit deeper and just what I wanted. It pops against the blue wall.Some of the plants are still struggling from shock and the heat. It's a relief to see some of them blooming. The yellow bells in the back yard have a few yellow flowers. I can't remember the name of this one. It wasn't on my "must have" list but it falls in with the warm colors of all the other blooms we have.

I didn't take any pictures of the pink back patio. The painter said he expected to be done tomorrow. There's still lots to do so maybe they'll be here until Tuesday. I can't wait until everything is finished. I want to be able to put eveything back where it belongs and stop worrying about the next crew showing up.

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