Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caution: Approaching Dark Clouds

I don't have "bad days" but today, (Wed.) really sucked. How can that be? Who wants to listen to anyone gritch and moan but......

work was nuts-I forgot my new seating charts and schedule at home. I made do but I was so stressed whipping up a quick seating chart diagram minutes before class. I left my handy dandy, Diet Coke behind. Luckily it was in the workroom and not on the top of my car...Whew! Lukewarm, not boiling!

There are 3 traveling art teachers teaching 4 classes-all today and I had to have stuff ready for them. Then one was sent to the wrong class and one never came by for the stuff she asked for. Ggggrrrrrrrrr.My classroom was a disaster, it's a tiny bit better since I worked until 5:30 today. That's a good thing. Nope, I'm not ready to share pictures. Yet.

The Chicklet and I went for burgers and a frosty. My order was totally mixed up and we were already home when we realized it. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrr... don't mess with me when I'm crabby and hungry. I ate my fries. I've had no appetite for the Frosty.

The Chicklet ate dinner and parked herself in front of the TV with her Frosty. She got very angry at me for making her turn off the TV and do her homework. Yeah, I'm a regular Mommie Dearest.

I went to clean the couch of the dog hair Freia left when she decided to sleep on the couch. Super big GGGGGGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr..... The dogs aren't allowed on the furniture. I can't handle dog hair all over my derriere. It's OK on theirs, just not mine.I was so hot and fed up, I took a shower. The Chicklet and I were OK by then but then I asked her about something and she gave me the answer she thought I wanted to hear, not what had really happened. Her nose should be a foot long by now. UGH! How do I put an end to that behavior?

The clincher-A friend was supposed to stop by last night but couldn't. OK, no big deal so we re-sheduled for tonight. It was another no-show. I texted and I get a reply from the wacko ex-girlfriend who's claiming to be the current girlfriend and she's got his phone and has obviously read our texts. OMG....WTF?????????!!!!!!!! Yes, my "french" is at an all time high tonight.

Thursday can only be better. For one, I have a Frosty waiting for me. Secondly, my 4th Kinder class of the week can't have as many humdingers as the last two. Thirdly, we'll be here tonight, after all. No child care, no back to school night.Water is soothing, so it'll be good to be here and get a good soaking. See you there tonight!


  1. Marissa, the good news is we all have bad days and they all eventually pass and we have good ones! Smile.
    I can truly relate to the classroom stuff and am so glad not to be dealing with those issues now that I do not teach!!!! Hang in-and by the way, French can be a beautiful language.

  2. Hi Cece,
    I'm hanging in there. My kinders were fine today. Tomorrow we start our 1st project.

    I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the relationship that was going so well on Monday and has changed completely in 2 days and I'm the one in the dark. But I have a lot of practice at picking myself up and moving on. I'd just like to know what happened.

    Water aerobics wasn't physical enough tonight. I'm ready to spread out and slap some paint around tomorrow once I get caught up on some sleep tonight. Thank g-d for art!