Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not a lot of sleep was had last night. No more texts from the wacko (ex)girlfriend. No texts or calls or explanations at all.

I'm on the patio. The sun is coming up and I'll be hit in the eyes with sunlight shortly. I'm moving to a shadier spot.

The house is done. It's pink, very pink. And blue, oh yeah, very blue. I figured I'd come out and take a few pictures but there wasn't enough light. There will be soon but I'm going inside. Have to get ready. The painter is going to come by for a final walk through. There's one spot that needs some attention, maybe two. It'll be done today. That'll be good. One less thing to have to worry about.

There's plenty to worry about today. At the same time, isn't that always the case? Everything will turn out as it's supposed to and we will move on...because that's what we do. We Romero Women-daughters and sisters of my Mom. We go on...

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