Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum...

There was a fair amount of confusion this week. I drove up to the house on Monday wondering if the pink was just too much. At least it's not Pepto Bismal or Flamingo pink!I didn't get any pictures of the house painted only in pink. The rim was white, the awnings looked blah and old. I was really concerned I'd make a big mistake.
The taped over windows created some interesting light affects in the house.
Here's my spot from Thursday morning. I picked up the chairs for 1/2 price last weekend. I'm good at packing and could find a way to fit a rocking chair in the back seat of my '73 Super Beetle back in the day but I couldn't get these chairs in my Honda Civic. Another VW came to the rescue. Yea!The house is done. BIG Yea!!!!! Once the trim, shutters and awnings were painted and created some color contrast, it looked a lot better. Relief!I'm not factoring in the growth of the trees. The house is still very visible and somewhat in your face, my face....the trees will grow and add the 3rd color-green.Home Sweet Home... Aside from the house color confusion was the guy with the psycho, ex-girlfriend, confusion. That has been resolved and everything is back on track. Relief!
We got home on Friday evening and sat out on the patio. Everything, back to normal again... We got a monsoon storm. We sat it out until we felt the first big raindrops. What a ride! What a show! There was great lightning off in the distance. It's the second storm since the landscaping was done. Not a drop of water to be found in the carport. Perfect!I drove out to Frenzy Stamper yesterday to leave off my examples for the Juicy, Yummy, Dude Books Class I'm going to teach there next month. I had to take my camera out and get some pics of the mud in the back parking lot. At some point I have to go out and clean up all the crap in the yard that blew in from the storm. It's so tempting to give my neighbor all of his palm tree trash back after all the grief he's given me with the landscape crews. He's not worth the effort.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Marissa,
    I think you should submit the books you are teaching to the new Greencraft Publication---fits in perfectly with their content!!!!! Glad to hear the issues are settling down for you. CeCe

  2. Thanks CeCe! Kim suggested the same thing and then things have been so busy, I didn't give it another thought. Early morning yesterday, I remembered and have to dig out the magazine. Friends of mine have recently had their artwork on the covers of magazines. It'd be a blast to get published.