Saturday, August 29, 2009

Phantom Sightings

Have you made it over to the Phoenix Art Museum lately? The Phantom Sightings exhibition is up until September 20th. I highly recommend a visit. It's gotten a fair amount of press. Perhaps you've seen an image of a yellow VW bug made of sewn vinyl. It's a signature piece located in front of the museum store.

I had my own yellow bug for many years but the oil cooled engine wasn't very happy in our desert heat. Some Granpa is still driving that car out in LA somewhere... The museum piece is fun to look at but becomes more interesting when you read the social commentary and influence on the artist.

Some of the art is heavy on the social commentary, some less so. I had a sense of nostalgia and connection to the pieces by LA artists. I was inspired by kites made from plastic shopping bags. I have to find a way to turn that into a lesson with my students in the Spring.It's been so busy but I had some time to sit and write in my journal last Sat. and I came across this flyer. I'd forgotten all about this event. Off we went!I'm not a big car or low rider enthusiast but we did see the lowrider exhibition at the Mesa Art Center last Summer. The artistry and craftsmanship was amazing and we saw more on Sat."Mom, take picture of me in front of this one!"Shining, gleaming, sparkling, wow! Nothing like my little Honda that gets bird bombed because I park under the tree for the shade.My love of circles came alive!Who can resist these dreamy eyes?We fell in love with this paint job. One of many that caught our eye. Little did I realize that some of the painting techniques use in mixed media, are used on this car. Painting with plastic wrap was used for the textured bottom layer here. Hey, I've done that on some of my collage backgrounds, cool!Then, of course, I'm walking around taking pictures of the reflection of the green car on the chrome fender of the car next to it.It was hot but we had fun. Afterwards, the Chicklet recommended we follow the Classic Cars theme and head out to In and Out Burger. That was one yummy meal!

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