Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That's Some Crack

I've had my eye on this crack for awhile but the last time we had an encounter, my memory card was full. It's 3:15 am as I write. What on earth am I doing up at this hour? I was online and time flew. I could be on crack. I've taken the plunge and have decide to make an effort to date again. Hmmmmmmmmmm....those "adventures" could be chronicled on a whole other blog but that would take the suspense away from this blog.

What will she write about this week? A psycho date? Frantic art making? Or another hunt for an elusive botanical specimen?I woke up to the voices of the landscapers in the front yard. Even after I opened the bedroom curtains, it was so dark. It was still raining to the south and it looked like we'd get some rain here too. The guys were going to pack up for the day had it started raining harder.The morning started off with this big pile of dirt still in the yard. The rain tapered off and the crew continued working on the footings for the courtyard wall. I went back to bed for a little while after feeding the girls and chaperoning them in the back yard for awhile.Some how, I must have been dreaming lists because I woke up and knew exactly what I could do today. At the top of the list-get gas.The closest Costco is southwest of me but I headed east. Gee, Krispy Kreme was on the way. Coffee for 25 cents. Can't beat that. The coffee was just the right temperature when I arrived here:This was my destination. The "coolness" brought on by the rain was sure to energize the critters at the garden. Plus it would be a bit cooler for this critter to walk around as well. It was muggy but at least the sun wasn't blazing. As soon as I got there I came across a family of quail, some jack rabbits, lizards and ground squirrels. Later I met up with one of the garden cats. At least 3 live there and our pathes have crossed over the years.This was my the focus of my journey to the garden. Is it a yucca? Is it an agave? No Super Landscape Designer Man, it's an aloe. A Mountain Aloe from South Africa/Mozambique/Botswana. This is my object of desire. Ray is going to research it and we'll have one or to in my garden. We figure if it's hard to come by I might find one during the Fall plant sales at the botanical garden or the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? I had this sensation.......

The rest of the day was spent galavanting. I got home to get changed into my bathing suit and rushed off to the gym for the evening water aerobics class. I've been swimming a lot this Summer. I can feel the change in my muscle tone and in the fit of some clothes. The water aerobics is a tougher workout than swimming laps for 40 minutes.At the end of today-Day 3, we have the concrete footings for the courtyard walls. Let your eyes follow the lines of concrete. Where you see a line, there will be a 3' wall. No concrete, no wall. There is a plan. A super cool one. The super cool part of the plan is currently being fabricated.I walked the yard. Looking at drawings is one thing. Getting the feel of the size and space is another. Just inside this right angle in the lower left corner will be the spot for a Museum Palo Verde. It's a hybrid with very green bark. The contrast of the green against the blue wall is highly anticipated.The dirt pile is gone. The flat area in front of the picture window is the spot where the patio pavers are going to be set. Can you close your eyes and imagine it? I can sure imagine kicking back with an ice cold beer after this is all over.

Ray called me as I was leaving the garden this morning. We needed to confirm something about the flagstone pavers. He called again a few hours later. I keep thinking it's bad news although everything is moving right along. What's up with that?

Later in the week I'm going to have the closest thing to a date that I've had in years. Ray is picking me up so we can go look at rocks. No, not the diamond kind! The gravel kind for the yards.

The crew must be up and getting ready to head out to get the equipment and here I am not having gone to sleep yet. The plan is for a morning workout before I head out for a hair cut. Let's see how that goes.

Go natt,


  1. This is too great, Marissa! You know, as you have posted about this landscaping development and you have described the interaction with the designer, I have thought to myself----sounds like the designer and the client are really connecting with this project--sounds like more than just a design plan for a yard is developing---- not that you were aware of it----just got this feeling---- feelings are a good thing. Try not to anticipate what will occur with Ray based on your last disappointing experiences with the male gender. There are some "GOOD" ones out there! Try to enjoy the process like you are enjoying the yard design coming to fruition. Even if this does not turn out to be the final design there can be fun things about the process--sort of like when you work on a piece of art and you end up not liking something about it--you still have learned from creating the piece.

  2. Oh noooooooooooo, dawling, Mr. Ray is not available. He is well spoken for and they are raising a son. Funny thing is, his partner in crime is a teacher at my old school. We were in the same computer class at the beginning of the Summer. It's a been a small world thing since I first met Ray. He used to work at the school I did my internship and student teaching at.
    Perhaps because of this, I am very at ease with him and am my very charming self, LOL. The designer/ client experience is something I should write about. Barring costs, we have a long leash with our design and it's just as exciting for Ray as it has been for me. He gets to work without the restrictions of an HOA.

  3. My apologies to Ray's spoken for soul mate! Guess you just did sound so happy and relaxed with the whole experience that I read more into it than I obviously should have!!!!! Not the first time in my life I have misread the signs!!!
    Well, let us hope the internet experience yields one of those "Good Ones" still out there!

  4. Ray and his other half were here Monday morning. Between the 3 of us, we took a look the house colors and they helped me confirm some ideas.

    The Chicklet and I and were already leaning in that direction but it helped to have unbiased opinions. neither one of them was freaked by our choice of pinks and blue.

    Cece, are you going to be out here soon? I have some desktops for you.