Monday, July 20, 2009

My Butt Hurts

...but it has nothing to do with Day Numero Dos of construction. Boy, it was hot today! The crew returned and continued to dig out the water retention area in the front yard. Until the mound of dirt is hauled away, they can't smooth out the patio area. Mudpie, anyone?They dug out the footings for the courtyard wall. Yes, that is a right angle in the pic. It's not going to be a straight wall nor a serpentine wall. It's going to be super cool! And blue-I think I've finally settled on the colors for the wall, house and trim.
Rain on my windshield. Good thing I bought new wiper blades this morning. I knew I would encounter rain out in the desert. Then it turns out that we finally got a good rainstorm in Phoenix. I missed it!The Chicklet and I drove out to California this afternoon. Destination? The Flying J at the AZ/CA border. We did the drop off there. I returned to Phoenix childless. The Chicklet is off having a good time with her cousin, Tia and Tata, (Granpa). Me? I'm hanging out with the hairy ones. Somebody has to keep them from chewing up the landscaping crew.

I don't mind being on my own and I sure feel less guilty about messing up the Chicklet's vacation. A huge thanks to my sister for meeting me for the pick up. It was good to see my Dad and I am in awe of how grown up my niece is. Wow.......I encountered less rain on the drive home but the lightning show was fantastic! Rolled the windows down and cranked up the music most of the drive. We took some deep breathes to enjoy the smell of wet creosote from the rain.

Then I came home and took in the smell of damp dirt. I'm still trying to take in that the construction is going to result in a complete tranformation of my home. Oh yeah, showed Ray the pic of the plant I was raving about a few days ago. His conclusion? Not a yucca, yep, I knew that one. An aloe, maybe? Time to dig out some photos and find the name of it. But first, sleep and give my derriere a break.

It's good to make plans. Without the Chicklet around I feel unanchored, if that makes any sense.
Good night,


  1. Am looking forward to seeing the results, Marissa. It is always so fun to see the results after a big project.
    My goodness, of course, you feel unanchored! Sometimes being unanchored is a good thing!

  2. Yes, 100% perfect sense.
    Love the rain pics, that last shot just oozes 'peaceful' .. :)

  3. Ah, yes! Got up when I wanted to. Didn't have to worry about feeding my hollow legged Chicklet....
    The day has gone by quickly! Can't help but hope that she's having a good time.