Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Refreshing!

Here's my attempt to have some fun with juice containers that would otherwise end up in the recycling bin. I love the graphics, the colors. Last May I made my first "juicy book," as I refer to these.
I keep wanting to use up my materials and make something fun, sell-able but quick and well made. I've been enjoying these. It takes awhile to cut and trim the containers and then the papers but so far I take one task at a time and work on a couple of books at a time. These are the reason my storage room in the classroom still looks like a tornado hit. This group of books were completed yesterday.
With my thirst for juice quenched, I wanted to complete some other ones. These got a bit fatter. I got a little carried away digging out all sorts of paper in the storage room yesterday.
I looooooooooooove the Bisquick Book.There's recipes on the back cover since the back of the box is the back cover. I can't get too attached to the Coca Cola book. It has a special destination. Plus, I don't drink regular Coke. I have some Diet Vanilla Coke Zero boxes waiting for me.
The books are being made to sell but not on Etsy. As much as I'd love to, I know it's enough for now that I can focus on getting these done. If I had to deal with uploading, the upkeep, packing and shipping, these wouldn't go anywhere. Just producing the books is my top goal right now. I have a place in mind that I'm going to take them to. I wanted to come up with a variety of books first.

Tomorrow I finish one for the Chicklet. She has big plans for hers. Every time I make something new she asks if she can have one. It's about time I come through.


  1. I love those books! Very cute!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!!!! The books are darling!!!!
    Since I am posting here, save me two of the desk tops if it is not too much trouble!
    Another idea for the desk tops would be to use them for a background ( painted ) for the best of a student's work for the year---maybe as a Christmas present for parents or as a reward at the end of the year--maybe for students that earn the reward of getting one. Thinking, thinking--

  3. I love your Juicy Books Marissa! K