Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Gee whiz!!!! It's all or nothing sometimes. All has been quiet regarding implementing the new front and backyard work. Finangling the finances takes some time. It went from zero to full steam ahead as of Thursday morning. Then, fully expecting to have to wait a few weeks before starting.....Turns out the crew shows up first thing Monday morning, as in day after tomorrow, Monday!

Next to buying a house, this is BIG. I didn't sleep much at all last night.

So this morning I'm up at 5:30am and start cleaning up in the back to photograph the wooden swing set. It needs to find a new home. One thing led to another and the trees got trimmed some more, the dogs got a bath and the gunk has been cleared for new glass on the window to the shed. Too bad I broke two more panes in the process, oops! Only 2/3 to go on that project but I figured out the best way to get it done.
A walk around the museum can help calm me. Took a tour of the bead museum last weekend.
Wow! I made some sketches of a metal, nobbed cuff and a patterned, multiple strand necklace from the Naga costumes on display. It's changed how I can envision the use of shell.
Beautiful, huh?
My new altered composition book. Filled the first couple of pages with sketches from the Naga exhibition. It's not thr best paper for drawing but I write most of the time and write and write and write some more. Yet I haven't been writing the last few weeks.The original compostion book design.Inside front cover
Inside back cover.

The pocket page is getting a lot of use. Lots of stuff getting carried around from place to place.
We're off to drop off a big check. So is that the cause for the pit in my stomach or the annoying email from the Ex? Ugh! Time to go fry!


  1. I imagine the pit in your stomach as a little to do with both of the reasons you mentioned. Both are stress related. Just close your eyes and picture the " new altered landscaping ". Of course this means you will want to spend more time at home. Maybe you should host a reunion of the original blogging class when all is complete.Smile.

  2. Yeah, I know. There wasn't enough room to write out the amount on one line of the check. The yards will be fabulous! Still pinching myself that it's really going to happen. Once the crew shows up tomorrow and starts it will sink in.

    I spend a lot of time at home but I'll be spending more time outdoors. A reunion for our class is a great idea! We should pick a date for when the weather cools down.