Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Sunday!

It's been awhile since I've shared pics of these two lovely ladies. My profile is going to have to get changed. Carmen, above, is the real canine delinquent. All this time I blamed Freia for getting into stuff and chewing it up and it was Carmen. How did we finally figure it out? Noises.... Friea and I were hanging out and I could hear odd noises from the other room. Carmen was caught rifling in my teacher cart, "red pawed" and all!
Freia does have her quirks. She loves to go thru the wastebasket in my bedroom and that tail is still dangerous. She knocked a full 32 oz. cup of soda off the coffee onto the carpet last week. Between dogs and I take out the area rug and hose it down or do I bite the bullet and bring out the new, bright red, Isaac Mizrahi rugs I've had in the closet for a few years?

Woke up at 5:30am again this morning. I was exhausted yesterday and turned off the lights just after 10pm. It took me hours to fall to sleep. That is so not me. Lights go out, my head hits the pillow, I'm out. Instead, I had conversations going thru my head that I couldn't shut off.

Then this morning I get more emails from the Ex. (He didn't have a comment about the Chicklet getting braces until he realized I wanted him to share the expense). He downloaded some comments from Dr. This and Dr. That about braces being elective, the same as liposuction, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. The Chicklet got my family's teeth, hence the braces. Hope she gets our boobs. My sister and I are very happy with ours!

Anything having to do with "Toxic Man" is just that-Toxic. He seems to think that if he's unpleasant enough, prolongs things and draws them out, he'll clean out my bank account or make me shrivel up in a ball and make me scream "Uncle!" A few sleepless nights won't kill me. He doesn't seem to understand that pissing off Mama Bear always backfires for him. Guess he won't help me out for a boob lift when the time comes. Thank g-d for duct tape!
Enough toxic crap!
Let's play! Can you guess what this is?
This one is probably easier to figure out.This is from the same place as the last one. Have you figured them out? Let's keep up the suspense. I'll reveal the answers in the next post.

Happy sizzling, frying, hot, Sunday!


  1. I have an ex just like that. Always wants to pay for the fun things like computers and cars, but would never pay for the necessary items, like braces! exes suck!

  2. I can't wait to see the changes to your backyard! As for the braces, the Chicklet's ortho should certainly be able to give you plenty of ammo for why braces are necessary as a PREVENTIVE measure, not just cosmetic- straight teeth are required for the proper formation of the jaw; to ensure a proper bite and prevent future issues with the teeth that might require surgery, etc. I know- I ended up having surgery to fix my bite, which was a LOT more involved- and expensive- than just braces would have been! Good luck with dealing with your Ex!

  3. OOps! forgot to give the answers to the trick photos!
    Top-smooth concrete sidewalk
    Middle-Painted parking space lines and crack repairs in parking lot
    Bottom-Parking lot curb with layer of red an yellow paint, distressed by car tires.