Sunday, July 12, 2009

The light bulb went on!

I posted about these discarded student desk tops earlier in the week. I thought about collage work on these but they're heavy. (Oh, and the correct dimensions are 24"x 34"). Working on these to have them floating around the studio means moving them from here to there unless I can find a good destination for them.

With so much focus on the upcoming yard transformation, outdoor art has been on my mind. There are 2 spots on the block wall surrounding my property that will be exposed where I can't place plants. The carport wall facing the house is one place. The wall by the narrow walkway from the front to the back yard is the other spot. It's to one side of the back patio. When I'm working the the studio/AZ room and look out, I see this big blank space.

I was thinking mosaic or ceramic relief work. With my pace of late, that can take me a few years to make, lol. Then the light bulb went on. Why not use the desktops as art panels? The next thoughts have been about making any collage work survive the elements. Which adhesives? Which papers? Finishes? Waterproofing? It's the north wall and will get rained on.... Hmmmm

Light Bulb #2 went off. Collage. OK.... Stencils!!!! Spray paint!!!! This would be a great way to use the techniques I learned in the online Stencilry Class! (By the way, she's taking registration for part 2).

Another thought-how best to secure the pieces in the carport. Anyone could walk up and help themselves. Hate to think that way but reality is reality. I caught some guy trespassing and going thru my recycling bin for cans and the bin wasn't out on the curb. Creeps me out that some people feel free to wander around anyone's property. Luckily, the four legged security force sounds the alarm.

Two posts in one morning. I made myself stay in bed so I can enjoy watching Sunday Morning on CBS and then get the day going. Great story about J. Crew.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!
    Love the idea for the desk tops and the stencils!