Monday, July 6, 2009


Which ever term is your preference, everything has potential as art material. These are student desks tops that are being replaced for new tops. Some of the laminate has been pulled away. The discards are stacked outside the classrooms waiting to be hauled to the dumpster. Ouch!
The desktops measure approximately 28" x 20" and are 3/4" thick particle board. They are heavy but sturdy and best of all-FREE. The laminate sides are fine. The exposed particle board has student scribbling, which I like, and some holes from the screws.
I don't work this big, but I can't see tossing these away without making an effort to try to collage on them. By the way, I'm sure I've screwed up on the dimensions but I wanted to get this out there. If you are in Metro Phoenix and want some of these boards, please contact me. Mailing/shipping isn't an option. You have to be local. My custodian won't wait before she starts making new trips to toss them. I got a reprieve for this week but don't have room to store them, so if you're interested let me know ASAP. The landfill thanks you!

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  1. Hey, had this thought. Do you think the tops are too big to be used for end tables if legs are attached? Thinking they could be painted and then mixed media art work on top or family photos, etc. If you think this is a possibility I would like a couple of them but can't get them right away. We are up in Pinetop.Maybe Mystic would let you leave them there for me the next time you visit. This is no big deal so if you don't like the size for end tables and or don't won't to fool with it----is fine!!!! CeCe