Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in business...

OK.......I've figured out my technical difficulties enough. Now there's some catching up to do.
A month ago, the Chicklet and I visited the Chihuly exhibition at the botanical garden one last time. I purposely took this pic with the outline of the ocotillo fully visible. This sun sculpture has been exhibited elsewhere before. Chances are, this will be the only time it's juxaposed with an ocotillo.
Today is the first day of this fiscal year with the school district. Today our new VP was greeted by skyscrapers of books outside his office. Our Vice Principal of the last 2 years was transferred to another school. As a parting gift, our staff contributed to a handmade book for her. I dug into my bag of tricks to put this one together. I think it's the best book I've made to date.The concept was a handmade book of pocket pages. The staff was asked to suggest words describing Hilda, our VP. My partner in crime, Kelli, (music teacher extraordinare), helped me find some doozies for the letters "Q", "X", and "Z." An ABC set of custom flash cards were made, cut and then passed out to staff members. Written on the cards were personal notes, quotes, etc. and then they were tucked in the pockets.I am in love with beaded bindings. It took awhile to do this but I enjoyed every minute of it. Trying to remember the 5 hole pamphlet stitch after midnight was the least fun part but the handy dandy book with good instructions was nearby. Whew! The binding is painted canvas from the bit I did accomplish from an online class. The book title was printed on tagboard and sewn on the cover paper prior to gluing. The pockets were also sewn.Got some exercise painting these. As suggested by Kelly, artist extraordinare, I picked up Wausau 140 lb. weight cardstock at Kelly Paper. (Is that enough "Kellys" for you)? The 24" x 36" sheets took a day to arrive. Both sides of the sheets were painted and best of all, there's plenty left over for a couple more books.

Style....have I brought it up before? I have a style but I'm trying to pin point it. This book was a combination of techniques learned from at least 3 different instructors. When does it become a reflection of my style and not theirs? Thoughts like that go thru my head during my commute...
No worries. I'm not wracked by self doubt but I think it's good to question. Crap! Shades of my thesis committee from grad school.



  1. love the book! What a greate present, I bet she loves it ;-)

  2. Wow! I love this book; you've done yourself proud! It's also a very special gift indeed, and you're so generous in making it!

  3. the book is beautiful!! I am always so impressed with your talents ...


  4. Wow Marissa, I love the beaded binding. Not a technique I've seen before.

  5. The book looks to be a perfect going away present. Love the idea and how it turned out.