Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature Walk

Decay....We don't necessarily want to be surrounded by it but it provides some beautiful results.
Old and new. Change. Transitions.
The cycle of life. I've seen the nests but they've been empty. Yesterday I found Mama Bird watching over her brood. The chicks were less visible but I could see some of their movements.
The graceful curve of a branch. I didn't realize I'd photographed so much yellow. I do love the color. It's in almost every room in our house. My bedroom colors are inspired by 2 art prints by a friend in art school. Then I picked up a magazine this week with some beautifully painted rooms in turquoise. I'm tempted to switch from yellow to turquoise in my bedroom.
The heat makes me prickly. It was muggy tonight. Even the light wind was warm. Like the rush of warm air when you open a hot oven.

Now that the water is flowing off the driveway the Chicklet and I took out the bright yellow area rugs from our living room and scrubbed them down in the driveway over the weekend. The rugs took a day to dry out and look like new. I have to get them back on the floor. The dog and the floor are the same color. The camouflage is quite dangerous when the lights are out.

Today was Day 4 of yard construction. Didn't get a pic yet. The walls are going up in the front and the drain pipe leading to the water retention area is just about done. I was bummed that the crew didn't get here until after 9am. After 4 days, it doesn't look close to half done. I'll have to check to see if we're still going to finish within 7-10 working days as stated. The house still needs to get painted and back to school sales are in full swing.

PS-Love you Chicklet!

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