Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4 and into 5

The wall under construction. Yea!I was picking on the crew that they were working on a found art project. Turns out they left the cans on with the sharp rebar exposed and sticking up. I hadn't thought about that. Smart move!I see this and have peace of mind. The drain is strategically placed to move the water to the back. Not only do I get anything running off my roof but anything from my neighbors' house as well, the Blankety, Blank (Renter) Jerk.

Haven't had any of the local kids trespassing and riding their bikes across the driveway and onto our yard anymore. We had the solid mass of concrete from the side by side driveways. The slight dip made it somewhat of an "E" ride, I guess. Two birds, one stone....

Time to swim. It's overcast which is nice. I've already tanned about 15 shades darker.


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