Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have the best friends!

Look at what they gave me today! One woman's trash is definitely my treasure. I've been eyeing the Coca Cola boxes every time I see them in the store.I hadn't even thought about Frappucino containers. What fun books I can make!These are to be covers to future books. I can't call them Juicy books like the juice container ones. Maybe I should refer to these as "Yummy" books. There's going to be "Beer" books too. I'll be in my classroom next week. My floor should be done by then. First stop will be the paper cutter.
OK, here's where we are at the end of Day 5. Wall of front yard in progress. Doesn't that white chain link fence with a hint of yellow stripes look lovely? I originally wanted a gate leading to the back yard there. For more than a couple of reasons, I needed to nix that idea. We're going to plant a climbing vine there. Sweet, smelling jasmine, I think.Remember I said it wasn't one solid wall nor a straight one? To the right is the south wall. The split walls face east. The next section will have a right angle, I believe. There are going to be 5 separate sections. They will be connected by..... I'll share that when that part is done being fabricated.Most of the work has been concentrated on the front yard. The water diversion pipe is in place in the side yard and today the crew was carefully digging in the back yard to pinpoint the actual location of the gas line. Found it!

There isn't much of a view in the back but the sky was pink to the west. That's the silohuette of my feather bush tree on the left. Ray isn't sure it's going to survive the root exposure when we dig out 12" of dirt for the water retention area. He suggested we take the tree down. I would rather wait and see. It's a mature tree and he says it could survive as easily as not.

I tried out the paint samples on the garage/studio. It's in the backyard so I have no qualms about painting it red with cobalt trim. It was dusk and too dark to photograph when I finished. The paint needed time to dry to show it's true colors anyway. Can't wait to check it out in the morning.


  1. It's been great fun to follow this the last few days; I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I'm also waiting to see how those books come out!

  2. Hope the tree survives. I love mature trees and especially in this desert.
    Thought it was pink and cobalt--- not red?? Can't wait to see the finished project. So fun to watch.

  3. these have to be submitted to the new Somerset Studio magazine, Green Craft. And guess where you can pick up a copy? hehe

  4. I'm going to have to stop by next week and pick up a copy, Kim!

    CeCe-sorry to be so confusing. The house will be pink with cobalt trim. We have a detached garage/studio space in the backyard and it's going to be red with cobalt trim.

    Right now everything about the back yard is dirt brown! including me. I was doing some cleaning back there awhile ago and am off to take a shower.