Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exposing Myself

No, wait, that's not me....! It was warm yesterday and the baby pool came out. The Chicklet, a friend and Barbie spent some time frolicking in the water.
This is me. Ms. Left to be exact. Never thought you'd see this much of me, did you? I picked up these films to take to my appointment today. My untrained eye took a good look at these films last night.
I was looking for any sign of the cyst, the nodule, the LUMP my doctor found two weeks ago. This is the one that has me really scared.

I just realized the cereal went into the fridge and the milk went in the cupboard. It's a good thing it's time to get this show on the road. I should be stripped down and poked with something cold within the hour. Funnnnnnnnnn.....

Send your good vibes this way!


  1. sending lots and lots and lots of good thoughts your well.

  2. Sender deg masse gode tanker!!!!!! Og krysser fingrene for at dette går bra!!!

  3. Marissa, I will keep you in my thoughts!