Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Girls!

I couldn't really show my real girls but they're good and happy! I had the ultrasound yesterday. We found the lump and all is well. A clean bill of health and a HUGE relief!

This is a break? It's taken this long to feel like I can relax.....

We're working on putting away a mountain of laundry. Someone decided she was going to have some fun!It's good to have



  1. Så bra !!! Jeg er så glad på dine vegne...Det gleder meg masse at alt er bra - nyt det ;-) Klem

  2. I am so thankful all is fine with you. I have not visited in a while and I missed the time of worry for you. I am sorry I was not there to comment and give you support but not sorry that the worry is behind you now! It has been a year, I am told from reading other class members blogs, since our blogging class. Wish it was possible to have a reunion class at Mystic Paper!

  3. I had no idea you had found lumps ... I am so thankful that all is well. Get yourself and your GURLS over to see me soon!!