Monday, February 2, 2009

More January Collages

OK. Looking at all the pics I've uploaded I can now understand why I was running around all week. I was busy! There are still a few more collages left to finish off the month of January of the Kelly Kilmers' Prompt A Day online class. It's been a blast and I am loving the journal that is becoming full of images and stories to hand down to the Chicklet.
I see brown and pink together and I think of Baskin Robbins where we used to go get ice cream. Strawberry sundaes with chocolate chip ice cream, mmmmmm.....
Oh boy, this was was tough writing about. I had a boyfriend overseas but we continued the relationship after I returned to California and went to college. He was killed in a freak accident at work. I was 23. At that time I was young enough to believe and hope that I could still have what we had again. 23 years later with a badly failed marraige and having gotten off the dating bandwagon the hope of youth is elusive.
Halloween...I can't decide which was better. Tearing sheets and wrapping my brother up as a mummy-my sister and I had to keep wrapping him up throughout the night OR the Chicklet as elephant and me as her Peanut sidekick...
Oh, how I'd love to have Tom Oldham come design my home. Yet, I do like enjoy my Mexi-Scan decor. Part Mexican, part Scandanavian...
Tiffany blue? Nope, Estee Lauder perfume box blue. I haven't smelled that scent since my Tia Mary passed away.
Who would have thunk I could find not one, but 2 images of blowing gum. My brother taught us a few things....Still can't whistle, though.
Ever have a book you never read but wore out from looking at the pictures? That was me and Hans Christain Anderson's "Snow Queen." I found that book again. Mom saved everything!
My brother and sister both had names chosen from the bible. Me? My mom said she liked the name. Somewhere I read that it means, "of the sea." I like that.
Valentine inchies, lots and lots of Valentine inchies for a swap and then a few extras for friends.
More Inchies for a swap due last week. I get tired just looking at everything I did in one week. Whew!

The laptop has been making the trek home but hasn't made it out tof the bag. Between swaps and journal pages, the Chicklet's Frida Kahlo costume and going out of town for the weekend, it was non-stop. I'm sure having fun though!


  1. Wow I love all your pages;-) Mine are ikke ferdig ,-) I have a lot to do at work - (take a peek in my blog!!!) Have a Nice week Melissa!!!

  2. I love you playing with metalltape I will make more with this - it`s fun ;-) I wish you a lovely day ;-)