Friday, January 23, 2009

We Stopped to Smell the Roses

All is quiet. The dishes are washed, the room is straightened out. Listening to Billie Holiday and I'm still in my classroom!

The day was nuts. Lots of painting going on. Watercolors with Kinder, tempera paint with 3rd grade and acrylics with 5th grade. My yearly evaluation was today. It's a little nerve wracking to have the boss sitting in the room going over my lesson with a fine tooth comb. Did I hit my national standards? Is my English Language proficiency standard stated and posted correctly? Will the kids get it?

My students were great. I heard they were boogers in PE yesterday and their teacher told them the principal was in my room watching them today. Ha! It worked! I think I even passed inspection. Whew! Glad to have that over with.
Weekend...what a relief! Two weeks ago we made our way to the Encanto Park Rose Garden. I'd noticed the roses were in bloom at the art museum and I hoped it was a good time to make it to the rose garden.
It was another beautiful day. Lots of gorgeous flowers. I'm turning into my Mom, oohing and ahhing over a bunch of plants. Poor Chicklet, she's got a couple more years of it.
Something must be rubbing off. She came home yesterday excited because her class is going on a field trip to the Desert Botanical Garden in a few days. She's seen the Chihulys a couple of times but she's up for more. Someone else was enjoying the sunshine in the garden, her mane lovingly stroked by the rays of the sun.....


  1. Sunshine???? We have a blizzard ;-/ It`s to much - 3 of them in one week.. I love your pics of roses i can almost smell the spring from here!! Enjoy your weekend, I will spend mine in my craft-room!!

  2. I know I'm redundant but....I love your photos. ;-) You look like you both are having quite the fun running around town!

  3. We WERE running around town. School's back in session and it's back to the grindstone!

  4. What beautiful flowers. I love the My Little Pony. I used to have those! I found your blog from Kelly's class.