Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Collages this week

Every evening I plan to go to bed at a reasonable hour and yet, i manage to get distracted and stay up late. Today Kelly Kilmer sent out all the prompts for this month of her "A Prompt a Day" online class. I only happened to peek at January 31st but nothing else between then and today. Ooh, the suspense!

There's no pressure to get the pages done in order or by a certain time. That's up to each participant. She's already taking registrations for February. Hmmmmmmm... I'm strongly leaning towards continuing. I've been challenged to go beyond my comfort zone, the group is creating cool work and our online community is great.
Color, movement and rhythm. I'm more self conscious now but I've always loved to dance. I've got the Latin hips even if I don't know all the dance steps! The other night I was dancing The Swim with the Chicklet as we listened to an old Monkees tune.Speaking of swimming...if we weren't at the local pool in the summer, we were heading out to the beach. My brother lived to surf. We used to make cracks that he had webbed feet. I went on to spend more time at the local pool with swim team and lifeguarding. I was spoiled to have an Olympic size pool in my backyard.
The Chicklet takes swim lessons every Summer. I tell her she's growing a fin on her back like her mom, lol.More water. Until I moved to Arizona I lived near water. Even if I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, the beach was a short drive away. Every trip to California is an opportunity to get my ocean fix. It doesn't happen often enough.
Does the picture look familiar? It's dated but I adore this shot of the Chicklet and I taken at the beach. We spent the afternoon on the beach with good friends. Last night's page. It's interesting where the prompts have lead. I've remembered things I hadn't thought of for years. My journaling is still hit or miss as far as being readable. I've created pockets between every two pages to slip the prompts in. I may rewrite the journaling and slip it in the pockets to make it easier for the Chicklet to read at some point. I have no qualms about letting the Chicklet read this journal YET.

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  1. Love your pages ;-) Takk for kommentar i bloggen, skal titte masse her !!!!!