Friday, January 16, 2009

New Collages

The new year started with a new journal. I'll be hauling this one around until March. I took a composition book with blue, green and pink vertical stripes thinking I would emphasize the cool colors for a winter-ish theme. As you can see it didn't quite fall into place. I did like the image of the hand drawing and glued that onto the cover. If I tuck my pen in right, it looks like it's in the hand. Cheap thrills. I admit it, I am a cheap date.
Pocket page. I continued with the electric blue theme. Some things I like, focus has been elsewhere.
I was still in the mood to cut and glue. One more collage in the journal.
Studio time got sidetracked over the weekend but I'm still keeping up with my Prompt A Day pages. My first album purchase was Elton John's "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy."
If I could walk out the door and go anywhere... Hmmmmmm... Should I go somewhere I know or somewhere I've dreamt of going to? Norway or Africa? Mexico or the Northwest Territories to see Polar bears? Finland or the South Pole?

I could drag the Chicklet to anywhere in Arizona and we'd have a good time. I hope she gets to travel the world. That sounds corny but it's true. I may not get far now but I've been more than lucky to have traveled to and lived in far away places.
I don't get to LA much anymore. This was one of my favorite destinations. The front porch of my parent's house. I'd sit in the sun like a lizard to get warm. Or I'd write in my journal. Or I'd sit on the top step, lay back and take a nap in the sun.
One of my chores was to clean up around the plants. It was a relaxing task. Lots of greens and pinks and purples. I miss having a garden.

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