Friday, January 16, 2009

Go East, Part 2

The Mesa Arts Center was hosting an exhibition of tatoo art and lowrider cars. The experience began at the parking lot. These forms were "painted" onto the pavement.
It took us awhile to make it into the building. I've been here before but hadn't really paid a lot of attention to the grounds. We wandered, we looked...Circles.Squares that change color in the light.
Water under glass.
Pouring water.
Cacti ShadowsArt by accident. I love this color combination.Christmas cacti?
By the artist studiosShadows made laceThe Chicklet had her traveling companion
Look up. Say cheese!
The Chicklet was enamored of the slick metallic red, hot pink and orange lowrider. It was flawless and way over the top. Think "The Munsters." Now imagine tufted, hot pink, velvet upholstery. In the interior and the trunk!

Street art becomes high art. Paintings on car hoods, bicycles painted with the same care as the low rider car. The Chicklet asked why they would paint the bicycle to be so fancy. I take it for granted that she would already understand. The painting elevated the ordinary to the extraordinary.
We had an extraordinary day.

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