Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go East, Young Ladies

Before the holidays seem too far in the distant past, I'd thought I share some more pics of our wanderings around the Valley of the Sun over Winter Break. Off to the East Valley we went. That would be any town east of Phoenix... First stop-Scottsdale and the famous horse fountain. Someone told me it was one of the most photographed spots in all of Arizona. Who knew? The horses were all dolled up with their holiday wreathes. The Chicklet had her companions with her as she played with the water and wet some horse snout.
I was happy to try and take pictures of the water.Of course we didn't just visit the horse fountain. We had to stop by and visit Debbie at Frenzy Stamper and wish her a Happy New year! The fountain is right outside her door.Next stop-Downtown Chandler. Every year they put up a tumble weed Christmas Tree. Every year I've missed it. It was on my list this year. I've been curious. What does a tree made of tumbleweeds look like?Add a lot of sprayed white paint and glitter and ta da! Had I not known the tree was made from tumbleweeds, I wouldn't have had a clue! they barely look like the flying creatures I've had to dodge on the freeway during high winds.
So, of course we needed a little bite to keep our energy up. We came by this bakery last summer but it was closed so we were looking forward to freshly made cupcakes. We loved this white cupcake tree.Aren't these gorgeous? Strawberry for me and chocolate for the Chicklet, mmmmmmm!!!!Going...going...gone!
We don't get much of a sense of Autumn here so it was nice to see rows of trees changing color. There were still puddles left from the rain. Fallen leaves, textured concrete and water made for instant compositions.Best of all? We were happy campers. Monkeys, flamingos, mom and Chicklet. Next stop-Mesa. I'll save Mesa for another post.
Happy Monday!


  1. I have to tell you once again how much I enjoy your photos and your wimsy and your eye...

    did anyone ever tell you you'd make a great art teacher?

    those who do, do and teach!

  2. Thank you Ruthita! We miss you here at Tarverland!