Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School started! Can you tell?

Tomorrow I'll be whining and moaning and groaning about getting grades done for Friday. Yes, it's that time again-report cards. I was a big meanie and sprung drawing realistic self-portraits on my 4th graders this week. Some of them are pretty good.
In the meantime I'm dealing with a little "invasion" in my kitchen. They got to the fridge. Yessiree! It's the invasion of the Littlest Pet Shoppe Creatures!!!!!!!!!!! (Insert "Psycho" music here).Rows and rows of these varmits are camping out on the fridge. The Chicklet decided this is why they come with magnets, lol.

Tonight I'll be in the studio working on the next 2 prompts for the "Prompt A Day" online class.
I'm having a blast. Making, participating and seeing what everyone else comes with given that we're all following the same steps and journaling prompts.Project #3: Layered acrylic paint, decorative handmade paper, rubber stamping, Sharpie pen, photocopy on transparency.

I'm not a big fuschia with purple fan but the colors were perfect for this lay-out of my friend Kelli. These are her colors. It's been so crazy at work this week that I haven't been able to share this page with her. Over the years we've become close and know that we can turn to one another. I have to find a way to keep her from retiring in 5 years!!!!! She's my partner in crime in our Fine Arts Posse.
Project #4: Layers of acrylic paint, patterned tissue paper, patterned napkin, Google images, Sharpie pen, Sharpie paint pen, watercolor pencil.

I had to call my Dad to find out what kind of car we had way back when. He remembered it was Pontiac but didn't know the year or model. After googling images for an hour or so, I'm pretty good at telling the difference between the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's models!

The lay-out isn't my favorite. I had an idea of the image I wanted and I couldn't find it nor in the size I was thinking. At some point you take what you get and I went ahead with what I found. The best part was remembering going the grocery store in the evening in East Los Angeles with my Dad as a little kid. My big job was to carry the strawberry jam...I think I was about 4 or 5 years old.Project #5: Layers of acrylic paint, magazine clippings, glaze jelly roll pens, Sharpie paint pens.

Fire on the water. I spent some memorable years in Western Norway right after high school. My idea of paradise is still being on the fjords in summer. Back then there were only 2 major TV channels so I spent a lot of time watching the ferries go back and forth. We lit a huge bonfire on the water's edge on the Summer solstice.Project #6: Layers of acrylic paint, magazine clippings, Sharpie pen, Sharpie paint pens.

The Ladies of Thursday Therapy Rock!!! Who are these gals? They're my company of choice whenever I have a free weekend or a school break. Otherwise they meet every Thursday for a day of creating and drinking wine with a nibble of lunch.
The image is from a sand sculpture competition in Haifa, Israel. I pulled it from Hadassah magazine and threw it in my clipping file. I went thru my "orange" basket and this sand goddess fit perfectly with the my idea of the TT gals. Regal Goddesses. I cut out words and phrases that described them and glued the words amongst the journaling.

It's not important to me that anyone who sees these pages reads the journaling. In fact, I'm so used to keeping my journals to myself that I really don't want my words to be readable. Even if the writing can't be read easily, it's obviously there. It adds another texture to the surface and a little element of mystery.

If you're interested in trying out any of these techniques you can take (a) class(es) with Kelly Kilmer in Scottsdale February 6th-8th! She's teaching 5 classes at Frenzy Stamper OR sign up for A Prompt A Day!


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  1. Oh no, I think I NEED those toys now. LOL!! THose are way cute.

    LOVE the journal pages!!!!!!

    Hope to see you in February! I'm looking forward to it :)