Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting "Prompted"

Yes, I know, 3 posts in one day... I have to look at the reality that winter break is just about over and I'm trying to get caught up on all the "goings ons" from our list. So there should be more posts over the weekend.

I've had time to read blogs over break. I am envious of all those folks who've been making art during winter break. I'm accepting that I haven't been making but I have been busy taking in, absorbing visually, tactily... these two weeks as I've packed our schedule with things to keep us busy. Two weeks of just me and the Chicklet...we could be at each others' throats by now but we're doing pretty good.

In the meantime, I've been reading. Keri Smith's "How to Be an Explorer of the World." Absolute cool book! Idea generating, thought provoking, license to try new stuff. As if I wasn't taking enough photos already!
On top of my reading pile "Standing At the Water's Edge," by Anne Paris. I saw myself in the first chapter. The term that caught my attention was/is "Immersion." I recognized it, understood it and have been tying to make friends with it. I highly recommend both these books.

I find out about most of these books online. I start on one blog and then jump from link to link. Kelly Kilmer is a bibliophile's dream or nightmare. I'll have to suggest we pool our books together one day and build a house, LOL! We both have a love of books and I've been introduced to many new authors. I even found myself in the "Manga" section at Border's the other day. Thanks Kelly!
Ok, so some art has been accomplished. Kelly Kilmer has offered an online visual journaling class that started yesterday. It's called "A Prompt a Day." Enrollment is for a month at a time, for the screaming deal of $25. Each day we log on for a daily list of step-by-step instructions for building up a background in our journals followed by a journaling prompt.

Do I really have time for this? How can I not? I stayed up late last night working on the first two prompts. Day 1 is the monkey above. I started out with blank pages and a row of paints that don't see a lot of action-much less together! Something else that I don't often get on the same page. The words with the images. Yee haw! I did it! Not only once but twice.
The Chicklet and I went to the movies to see the "Tale of Despereaux." Getting me to the movies is like pulling teeth, I'm not sure why. Anyhow, the message of the movie struck a chord. (Images of crowns with spoons are still in my head). I went online and printed out images that fit my page for the prompt on Day 2.I had finished the monkey page but wasn't quite ready for bed yet. I figured I would only paint the background for Day 2. That led to adding more and a little more and then I was done. Which is why I'm not in the studio tonight. I was up til 3am and I'm tucked in bed early tonight.

The only thing I don't have readily on hand are some of the focal images I'd prefer on my lay-outs. I have a date with a copier tomorrow.

If you only have a couple of hours or a day or a weekend to play, Kelly is coming to teach a marathon weekend of workshops at Frenzy Stamper next month. Sign up!

Good night,


  1. LOL, don't read today's post then ;)

  2. Hi Marissa! I haven't seen the movie (hard for me to go to the movies!) but I loved this children's book. I had several copies in the library. I would love to see how one is different than the other!

    Love to you
    Love your work! ;-)

  3. I love the monkey page --- and thanks for the info about the garden. I will share the CRAPPY photos I take with you - just so you have something to LAFF at! HA! Great seeing you yesterday --I've mised you, GURL.


  4. i love love love your journal pages! the "prompt a day" class sounds like fun. i took a couple of classes with kelly when she was in MA and they were great. i unfortunately have not kept up with my art journals. not enough time in the day!