Friday, January 2, 2009

More PAM

This is the exhibition we went to go see at the Phoenix Art Museum:"One For All & All For One, The Jumpsuit." From denim coveralls to turn of the century swimsuits...One piece outfits from Elvis Presley to Beyonce...Full body Olympic swimsuits to astronaut gear... It was all in this one gallery. Plus More!

The Chicklet wasn't as interested as I was so we didn't spend as much time there as I would have liked. I'll probably go again on my own.A small sculpture by Lynn Chadwick. Another artist who's work was an inspiration in grad school. Where has the museum kept all these gems hidden? We saw Calders and a Giacometti, not a familiar piece but a Giacometti none the less. I either missed them or they have been rotated in since the last time I was at the museum.A visit can't end until we've had a good stroll through the museum store. The Chicklet and I discovered this strange looking object. A very modern, plastic menorah. With a very plastic, modern, contemporary art 75% off. It was a bargain! Given the choice between pink and blue, we can see which one the Chicklet chose.
The surprise came when she took it out of the box. Look what it does. It's completely pliable! This sure beats yogurt smoothie cup menorahs...From the synthetic to the natural. Water running down the sides of a large clay sculpture.The play of light on the side of the museum building as we arrived. It wasn't at all interesting when we left.
More shadow play. Inspiration for a hair style?

How's this for a good read? "Raising Your Child Cubist." Ha, ha... what a square. Eewww! Bad pun....This was one of the bronze public art pieces at the light rail station at Central and McDowell.


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