Friday, January 2, 2009

We Rode the Rails

Light rail has come to Phoenix. Whoo hoo!!! We're not close to it but drove over to the end of the line at Christown. Our destination: the Phoenix Art Museum. Wow! A lot of folks had the same idea to ride the rails. It was standing room only.
We exited on Central and McDowell. Cross the street and you're at the Phoenix Public Library or the Spaghetti Factory or the Phoenix Art Museum and the theater.The library facade. I'm still on my diamond kick and found them in the reflection of the shades on the building.
How's this for art? A little bit of texture in the streets.My "buddy" Ponder is in another pasture in the museum. This is the new sculpture in the foyer. With the newest museum addition, I lose my way around and there's always a new surprise around the corner.

We wandered around the museum. The Chicklet was restless so we went out in the sculpture garden. I love these pieces by Magdalena Abakanowicz. She's been a major influence in the fiber art world and was a huge influence for me in grad school.It was after 3 pm and the shadows caught my attention. The chairs on the cafe patio...A row of trees.
More tree shadows.
The Chicklet wanted to get back on the Metro and ride it all the way to Mesa. I compromised with riding to Tempe. Off we went. Next destination: Dinner at Haji Ba Ba's.We got off on Dorsey and Apache. A short walk to the restaurant but they were closed! Oops! Never assume on New Year's Eve... We were on the lookout for the public art at each station. Because of where we were sitting or having people around us, we couldn't see the art at every stop. On our last trip back to Christown we sat higher. The public art might be at eye level or on the platform itself. The Dorsey station had these tall, scrolly hands and mosaic art. If the art doesn't get your attention the people watching does.


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