Thursday, January 1, 2009

See the Lights

The excursions continue. This one was on the list but it wasn't on the calendar. I picked up the Chicklet from her father's house on Tuesday evening. She saw that we weren't going home but couldn't figure out where we were headed. My only clue? It's on "the List." Just before getting on the 202 Freeway, she got it: Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo.

Wow! It was packed! We drove into the parking area and didn't even try to drive up and down the aisles to get a parking spot. I headed left to the farthest north aisles. There were plenty of spots close to the sidewalk.
The outdoor temperatures have gotten warmer than the interior of the house during the day. Jackets were all that was required in the evening. No bundling necessary! The penguins were having a good time.

I have a nice camera but I don't play with the settings much. I tried my hand at picture taking without flash. Some shots worked, some didn't. In time I'll cart around a tripod but for the meantime I wanted to see what I could get pointing and shooting. Then the battery died. Oops! Forgot to recharge them.It was a nice evening to be out for a stroll. We caught a glimpse of the crescent moon. Visited Jengo, the giraffe, and had some hot chocolate before calling it a night.


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