Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello Frida!

Got a little catching up to do. Where does the time go? There was a lot going on the last week of January. Inchies to get done and delivered, an oral presentation for 4th grade, a Frida costume to put together.....

Yes, you're looking at "my" Frida Kahlo! The Chicklet had a book report for her 4th grade class. Each child had to read a biography, then dress up as their person and then do a 2 minute oral presentation about "themselves." We had fun gathering all the items for the Frida costume. A blouse from Vera Cruz, Mexico, a skirt from my stash, necklaces and earrings from Mexico, beaded bracelets and head band from Central America and who could forget the "Unibrow?"
We forgot to include a stuffed monkey or two since Frida had many pet monkeys in place of the children she couldn't carry full term.

Then we headed to Prescott to join the rest of our congregation for a weekend retreat in the mountains.It was cool at night but very pleasant during the day. We're a small congregation but so much more comfortable than the huge synogogue we were part of before. We love our Rabbi and as long as I bring salsa, I'm A-OK.Nope, I'm not giving up the secret recipe!Aren't the ingredients pretty? I forgot to get a pic of the finished product. Would you believe it? I had about 3 pasta jars full but I rarely eat much of it myself. Rabbi B got a 1/2 jar, gave another to friends and #3 to Friea and Carmen's pal who came by to feed them.Look at my girl go! I don't have the .... to try this myself. Everyone looks forward to the climbing wall and the zip line. The Chicklet literally scurried up the wall.Then she got stuck at a certain point and she lost her composure. She didn't make it up the wall. She didn't give up and tried again but then got stuck in the same place. Ugh! I wish I could have walked her thru it. The worse part was she didn't ge to the top to go on the zip line. She was so bummed but I was and am still very proud of her. She's a lot braver than her chicken mom.

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  1. Just to jog your memory---SALSA!! Defined....

    salsa |ˈsälsə|
    1. (esp. in Latin American cooking) a spicy tomato sauce.
    ORIGIN Spanish, literally ‘sauce,’.

    Julia was a lovely Frida (Frida is one of my favorites)!!
    -hugs again, shari xoxox