Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shiney, Happy People

That's got to be one annoying song by such a great band, REM. The title fits the bill of a group of us that gathered at Mystic Paper for another great class with Mike Putnam AKA: "Mr. Ranger..."

Part of our Saturday excursions included a stop at Mystic Paper. It's a popular stop with the Chicklet since she looks forwarding to spending time with her pal, Tucker.

Who knows where the conversation started but somehow it lead to discussion of another class with Mike and I was in! Five of us enjoyed an afternoon of playing, getting dirty and making some gorgeous samples.
Distress inks, color tinting on photos....
Burnt looks with inks, wood grain looks, batik looks...
Wrinkling, inking, Glimmer Mists and monoprint type transfers....
Distress embossing powders...WHY????? Never used them but what's one more embossing powder? Turns out, plenty. It has a whole different look and texture. I'll be investing in some. I didn't get a chance to shop after class. I had to make my way across town to pick up the Chicklet.

The rain that was expected on Sunday, arrived on Monday. Not good....People in this town are lousey at driving in the rain. And this driver was taking pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a nice view westbound with clearing off in the distance. Rush hour made the 25 minute trip into 45 minutes long with some rubber necking for an accident in the opposite direction. Made it on time without a minute to spare.
The level of tension at work has been high. I've been an absolute grumbly crab. Why? I'm not having to test the week before the holiday break. Whoever chose this week to schedule testing must be feeling the bad juju directed their way...

One refuge has been to shift from my working life to my artistic one. Just one more day and then we have two weeks to recharge the batteries. The Chicklet and I have a list of local spots to check out. Ready for more Chihuly pics?


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