Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day!

Finally!!!!!! The Chicklet and I have anxiously been waiting for today. The thought of early voting occurred to me but by the time I figured that out the lines were 4-5 hours of waiting time.

Today we got up early-5:30am to be in line by 6am. The Chicklet was confused to be getting up while it was still night time...

There was a line forming at our polling place. The doors hadn't opened it. By the time the polls opened and we/I voted about 20 minutes had passed. Not bad.

The news reported that Starbucks was giving free coffee with proof of voting. I'm drinking mine slowly. I'm walking in my sleep even though I went to bed early last night. I have another cold and my medicine knocked me out.

Time to get ready for one kinder class and a lot of 4th graders today.


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  1. Last time I stood in line for 4hours. Can't do that anymore! I voted early last week. It was great!