Monday, October 13, 2008

No Peeking!

I might have killed off a fair amount of brain cells the last 2 evenings as I've hunched over my studio table breathing in permanent marker fumes. I have been having a fest with my Sharpies!

The pages for the Halloween swap were turned in Sat. morning and there were some great pages. 33 to be exact. WOW! The nuts and bolts of putting the book together are still being worked on. I made two pages to get two books. One is going to be a gift. I won't be sharing any images until the whole thing is put together and been received. Give it a week.

As for the Sharpie fest....No images to share at the moment. I'll take pics tomorrow.

My 5th graders have been making Artist Trading Cards the last few weeks. This is the last week of the quarter and we're going to exchange cards during our last class meeting. If I want to participate, I need a healthy supply of my own ATC's.

Last night I worked on individual cards finishing up some crayon resist and collaged cards I'd started with my students. Then I used Sharpies for patterns and designs on new cards. So what did I do today? I forgot them in the studio at home. I was distracted by 3rd grade beetles. Oops! Good thing I see most of my 5th grade classes tomorrow and Wed.

The goal tonight was to make twelve 8 1/2" x 11" designs on cardstock to cut into cards. I managed 8. Two are dogs and are going to get some layers of paint, etc. tomorrow. The other six are fun, fun, fun! Right up my alley.

With the dogs for company, visits from the Chicklet to check my progress and politics on the tube... the last couple of days have been very productive in the studio.

3rd grade beetles?????? That's a whole other major project at school. Everything gets wrapped up this week so there'll be lots to share by the end of the week. Yikes, it's late!

God natt!


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  1. Hi Ms. Marissa!! I am feeling guilty about not sending you a Happy Rashashanah! (Which I am sure that I am spelling wrong!) Sure hope that you are well. I love taking a peek at your blog to feel connected to the Vidrios. Hope to see you in the next two months!! Love you and Keep Art-ing On!!