Thursday, September 4, 2008

LA-Day 2

The plan was for everyone to head out to the Orange County Swap meet for the day. With a plane to catch back to Phoenix at 2:15 I had to stay put and make arrangements for a shuttle to pick me up and drive me to LAX. After breakfast everyone left and I was on my own.
I had 3 hours and an itch to get my feet wet. The beach was a few blocks away and off I went. With camera in hand I found a fence covered with a riot of colorful morning glories.The beach has always been a place for rest and relaxation. I plopped my butt on the sand and took in the sights and sounds.
After awhile I walked along the shore to the pier. The water felt cool but there were lots of surfers and bathers in the water. I got wet up to my knees. Yum!

This image is going to come out on my crabby days...

This blue is working it's way onto my favorite color list. The shed above is on the pier. The colored acrylic below functioned as awnings off a building on my way back to the condo.
Looking to north from the pier I saw this display of crosses in the sand. I went down to get a closer look. There was a board with lists of all the casualties. Two names were not there. RELIEF! My heart breaks for of those who have lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.
All I could see was the irony of loss against the backdrop of the amusement park.
It was time to head back with one more stop on my agenda. These eyes were painted above an Asian restaurant on the 3rd Street Promenade.
Beautiful, wise eyes... On that note, my eyes need to rest.

God natt,


  1. You certainly made the most of your limited time. I've seen pictures of the war causality crosses, but I didn't know they were adjacent to the amusement park!

  2. I was super lucky to be staying by the beach which was one of the reasons I decided going for 24hrs. would be worth a last minute trip.

    Charlene-email me privately because I can't log on to your blog. Direct access is blocked and I don't have access otherwise.


  3. What a great trip that was. The beach, photos, the crosses (very touching) and again, THE BEACH!

  4. The crosses speak a million words. Thank you for sharing the picture.