Friday, September 5, 2008


Bird brain here! I got a call from Personnel. My paper work is not in order and they were trying to pull me out of the classroom earlier today! Yikes!!!!!! Luckily I had ALL the papers in one place and was able to run them over during lunch.
All the AU workshops and mixed media classes I've taken around town...those hours add up and someone is adding them up right now at Personnel. I need a total of 180 hours.
I'll have to fly out of here and "buzz" over to the Dept. of Education after school to turn in all the documents. Papers, papers, everywhere.....

These are some more photos this past Saturday at the Getty Center. I'll be sharing a lot more blooms from time to time.

I'm in a cleaning mode and will be digging my way to my desk in the studio this weekend. I hope to finish some projects in the next few days. Have a good weekend!


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