Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Artologist is *Hearted*

I received this cool award from Lindsey. Blogging is such a great way to reach out and share thoughts, ideas, ART.... I'm really enjoying blogging and I'm sooooooooo glad you are too! Thank you, Lindsey, I am honored!

Oh goody, now I get to pick some of my favorite blogs! Whoo hoo! My bookmarked list is long and many of my faves have been picked. Here are a handful of blogs I check out and am inspired by time after time:

Close to home is Carol Wingert-I look forward to every new project. You make me want to call in sick every month so I can come take your class!
Mary Ann Moss-You pay homage to my home town in so many ways. I look at my own surroundings differently after looking at your images.
Kelly Kilmer-You're not afraid to speak your mind and I've been introduced to so many new books, materials, artists and artmaking techniques from your classes and your posts.
Judy Wise-Your journal pages always inspire. I won't tire of your circle art!
Thereza Rowe-You are a magician with line and shape.
Hanne Mattiessen-I dream of "white" and Northern light when I see your work. I aspire to capture that essence someday.

Now it's time for you to pass the I *Love* Your Blog award on to your favorites. Have fun!


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  1. Thank you Marissa for your kind words :) It means a lot...