Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I started raining this afternoon. The humidity was high when we woke up hot and sweaty this morning. I'd hoped we were done with running the A/C and had the evap on all weekend. Nope, I've had squirrel tail, curly hair today.
The yard will be green with weeds soon enough!
"Lake Carmen" will be at full strength in the morning. I really have to do something about the drainage. It's going to involve jack hammers and the removal of a minimum of 12' of concrete walkway from the side gate into the back yard. FUN!

In the meantime I'll be going to sleep lulled by the sound of rain. I like that. Our summer storms are usually fast, ferocious and then gone. This one has stuck around for the last couple of hours.

Tonight towers of previously ignored dishes have been washed. The Chicklet and I went grocery shopping earlier and those are all put away. Another load of laundry is almost done. There's a little less of a mess at home. Domestic diva, I am not. I'd bring Martha Stewart to tears, LOL!

God natt



  1. We, once again, had our indoor flood. Gotta love our monsoons!

  2. Ah yes, but your pooches got t-bones! Lucky dogs!