Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lazy Weekend

My rear-end has put in some hours here. In fact, this is where I'm blogging from... PJ's have been the outfit of choice this weekend. Took in some R & R with the first week of school behind us.

I don't know who wailed more at the start of the week-the Chicklet who was being challenged by her homework or my kindergartners who had to spend their days away from home, many for the first time. We have all day Kinder and some of them were ready for nap. It makes for interesting teaching trying to keep them going when one or two of them tell me they're too tired to work. Be patient, I tell myself over and over!

Having 3rd and 5th graders was a thrill and a godsend. I've already gotten them going on their first projects. My 3rd graders are learning to draw different types of flowers and 5th grade has completed the first layer of a collage.

Art making has taken a back seat the last few weeks. After the intensity of Art Unraveled my studio is still buried under layers of supplies that got dumped. Not to mention a wayward feather or two that I might have missed. My bird catching canines had a "present" waiting for me on Friday.

I took my AU projects to school. There's more room to spread out but I haven't had a chance to veer in their direction. There's a list of papers I still have to turn in for work. That's what I'll be working on after dinner tonight. Oh, what fun!

It'll be a relief to get those papers taken care of. Paperwork is not a strength of mine.


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  1. Ughhh! Seriously, no naps? How do you do it, I would be ready for a nap myself!