Friday, July 18, 2008

We're Melting, NOT!

I drove by the drug store again today to see what the temperature was. I first went by just before 4pm and it read 132 degrees. Imagine my disappointment when I drove down a few minutes later and it had already gone down 3 degrees! The local news announced the high for Phoenix today was 110. Is someone lighting up near the temperature gauge?

As for all things HOT, the creativity was at an all time high at Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa today. Carol Wingert taught her monthly Creative Genius class. Ideas were flowing and fun was had by all.

It's the last class I'll be able to take with her for awhile. I'll be back at school for the next one in August. That means more room for you! Carole displayed a gorgeous torso that she's basing her project on. It stands about 20" high. The colors of the class project will be different and it's going to be quite an exploration of techniques and materials. I'll be first in line for a torso when they come into the store.

My mind wandered as to how I could display one of these torsos. Which lead to thoughts of making it into a lamp. Crazy thinking but anything can be made into a lamp...

Today's project was a Dos-a-Dos book. No not Do-si-doh, I'm not well versed in American folk dancing, sorry. Norwegian folk dancing? Now that I know! Haven't taken pics of today's book yet. Nor of the other projects that I finished up this week. The battery on the camera died out tonight which gives me time to recharge it for the morning.

Sunrise greeted me a few mornings ago. Didn't sleep well and got up only to notice that the sun hadn't risen over North Mountain.
My Tia Mary brought this ceramic dog back from one of her trips to Mexico. The light is the only godly thing about this ugly critter but he doesn't poop or bark so he stays.
I'm still such a novice with my camera. One of these days I'll actually make an effort to control the settings. That info has gone in one ear and out the other-after several attempts so I'm happy to see what I can get with the automatic settings.White on white on white in warm light. I have to learn how to take advantage of this morning light. I did eventually put the camera down and head back to bed for about an hour.


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  1. So glad I've found your blog! I'll be lurking here regularly.

    I mentioned you in my blog about Carol's class yesterday. Thanks for the stamping inspiration!