Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scenic Phoenix

I pried my eyes open this morning to see that it was 8:30 am. The gods were with me and it was overcast. Perfect for my plans of going downtown and taking pics. I still managed to watch Sunday Morning before heading out. After being overseas for two years and experiencing American culture and politics from another perspective, Charles Kuralt helped me get over my reverse culture shock. I have enjoyed getting my Sunday mornings started with that show ever since.

Anyhow-took the scenic route downtown. I encounter this lady on 7th Street. She's missing a hand. I wonder where it went.
Then I came across this. Huh? Yeah, that's right a BIG question mark but it was missing the period. The building is for sale. I wonder if the art comes with it.
This is the kind of stuff I love. Grunge, rust, decay... so much of the older stuff is disappearing. It was very evident as I made my way around downtown. All my old haunts when MARS had a gallery downtown are now new and spiffy. Absolutely no personality, just more painted boxes.
I'm very proud to be Mexican, well um, Mexican-American/Jewish/Californian and Norwegianized. I'll explain it someday. I bring this up because Mexicans love color. Not all mind you but I'm one of them and I take pictures of buildings painted by other color loving Mexicans.
It's not the most refined look but I love the boo boos and the rawness.
I was out and about for over three hours. Even with the overcast skyI got quite red and hot. I'm at my local mom and pop coffee spot, Grinder's, drinking a serious cold coffee. Relief! I would have lasted longer but I used up all the memory on the memory card and had to stop! Never done that before and I thought my battery was dead.

I'll share more of the other 299 other pics later. They're closing in a few minutes.


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