Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monet's "Muffins"

According to the electronic message board outside a local drug store it was a whopping 134 degrees outside today! The air dried up and the degrees went up but it only got to 110 today. I really do want to try and fry an egg on the pavement. Hmmm, dinner tomorrow perhaps...

The sales of Frosties at our neighborhood Wendy's have gone up. After frying on our walk to the car at the zoo each afternoon, the Chicklet and I needed something to help us cool off. We needed some cooling off today as we made our way the Phoenix Art Museum to check these out:
Monet's Muffins?
The Chicklet decided they were a little on the dry side.... I still wasn't sure what they were supposed to be. We made our way into the museum foyer to cool off. I couldn't resist photographing some of the shadows on the museum walls.
It turns out the "muffins" were displayed at various local malls as publicity for an art exhibit of Master's Works at the museum. Monet's Haystack paintings were part of the show. Once the show came down the haystacks come home. You can see them at the corner of Central and McDowell in front of the museum. I couldn't figure out how to get to them but I saw that you can park on the south side of the museum, off Mcdowell, enter from 1st Street. Park as far west as you can. There's a ramp off to the left of the dock that will get you up close and personal with the haystacks with a minimum of walking in the heat.
A visit to PAM isn't complete without a vist with Ponder. The epitamy of a transformation of materials. Discarded wood, metal, fencing that's come alive. I am always awe struck when I look at Deborah Butterfield's work.

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