Monday, July 28, 2008

Scenic Phoenix-Part 2

I can't bear the thought of digging through the stuff on my table to work tonight. Moved the computer and hutch out of here so stuff is moving from spot to spot. Musical piles-won't be sharing any pics of this mess!

Thought I'd do Round 2 of Scenic Phoenix-I think I left off around here. South Phoenix. Mexican colors.

I'm not a fan of graffitti. I hate tagging. This is taking it a step up. Quite a few steps up.Then we have this. A mural promoting abstinence. Hate the graffitti but it adds layering that intrigues. Love and hate takes place in art too. Power in words. You go muchacha! "Brainwashing" begins in 3 weeks. School starts and I get to start teaching art with a dose of life. My mantra: "Get an education, no one can take that away from you."Break the cycle of poverty. Cliche perhaps but my Dad did it. Eighth grade education, he crossed the border more than a couple of times to work picking crops getting caught by La Migra, only to make his way back. I believe that was the 1940's. My parents raised us 3 kids in the suburbs of L.A. Plus a bunch of others over 20 years as foster parents. Dad turned 79 on Saturday. Not bad!

Oh, and in the spirit of the current political climate, Dad's been legal since my parents married and immigrated in the late 50's. Don't want Sheriff Joe to get a whiff of my blog and send the Sheriff's out to CA to go get him!
Back to art, (before my political commentary gets me into trouble)... Homage to Mark Rothko, south Phoenix style.

Two of my favorite color combinations: Red/Green and Black/White/Red.
I'm always amazed when there's actually water in the Salt River. What's the story about German Prisoner's of War during WWII at the POW camp by Papago Buttes? They escaped planning to get away by taking a raft down the Salt River, only to find it dry.

The City of Phoenix has revitalized areas of the Salt River AKA: Rio Salado. The entrance is north of the river on the east side of Central Avenue. What an oasis!
There's ample parking and trails along the riparian area. I thought I was seeing things when I spied an egret but that's what it was. One of the city workers said the trails lead east to 16th street. I'll have to go there and check out the view from that side.
Is it nature or a collage composition?
There's an itty bitty reflection of a plane flying over head. The river is part of the flight path in and out of Sky Harbor.There's a reflecting pond/pool off the parking lot. Again, was playing with the various textures and camera angles, composition.
I guess this was only the half way point of my Sunday drive up Central Avenue. Once I crossed the river I was Downtown. That'll be Part 3.

Good night! We have a bris first thing in the morning. Poor kid, I'm so glad I had a girl!


  1. all your fabulous photos make me want to drive around town.. nice inspiration kiddo..
    you have an eye see ya..

  2. Uhhh yeah. I don't think you can spend too much time on the couch with all of your wandering around. Great pics!