Tuesday, July 29, 2008

About 2 weeks ago....

we spent a little bit of time with family in Palm Springs to celebrate Dad's birthday. Dad and I were on our own Friday morning and he asked if I wanted to go out for breakfast. I had no idea where to go but said if we were back in LA, I'd want to go to East Los Angeles for carnitas. Mmmm! Yum!

He suggested we go to a his favorite, local supermarket this one targets the Latino market. It's good sized, well stocked, bright and sparkling clean! Carnitas and horchata to drink and I was happy. We picked up some pan dulce, (sweet bread), for later. I fell in love with some of the displays. I planned on coming back later with my camera which I did-and there's a story there but it'll wait for a bit. Who knew sodas piled on top of one another could look so absolutely beautiful?
Here's the birthday boy. He was very obliging as I followed him around with my camera. As soon as he moved in with my sister, he planted nopales, (cactus). Dad's got a green thumb, babies his plants and cooks up the fresh cactus pads. They taste like chicken, no, I mean, bell peppers.
"Las Comadres." The Chicklet and her cousin were voguing it up. These two are thick as thieves. Watch out!

The smile says it all!
The Chicklet was totally enamored of this duck. Must be a poultry thing. We spent the weekend at a resort with lots of family. We spent Sat. by the pool. It was a blast. The Chicklet and I now have equally dark tans. Nothing for me to be jealous about this summer...
Well, maybe the green eyes OR
the blue eyes on this little one. I haven't met my newest cousin/2nd cousin but this sweetie is next to the newest.
The Chicklet said, "this was the best week of her life ever." I have to agree my long weekend with family gave me a jump start and helped me out of a funk. It also helped me realize that the therapy is working, LOL!
OK, another display that caught my eye. The Chicklet and I went back to the grocery store. It was business as usual on a Sunday midday. I started to take pictures of the soda displays. I loved the play of color and pattern. Next thing I know, the store cop, (blue/black uniform, gun in holster, etc.), comes up to me and says no photography's allowed. He said it was posted on the entrance. He stood there, watched and made me delete each image and checked as I deleted each picture. I was absolutely bummed. I'd been picturing these displays in my head since Friday. (OK, a bit creepy but true).

I did go back and check the entrance and and it was posted-no cameras/videotaping. The sticker was no bigger than 4" x 4" and only posted by one entrance not both. It was sooooooo easy to miss. Do I understand the policy? Sure I do but it didn't change my disappointment. I've taken pictures in stores before without any problems so this event took me by surprise. I now look for signs!

I've deleted plenty of images on the computer, put them in the trash, emptied it, only to find them in some other file. Back in our car in the parking lot, I started playing around with the camera and found the pics again. Crazy...

Marissa (Corporate Spy)


  1. Well, corporate spy, let us hope noone from the store is spying on your blog. The displays are truly deserving of being shared. Is weird to me a grocery store would care about pictures. I don't get "it".Glad you both had fun.

  2. I would love to name the store because it's a great place. They have a huge salsa section that in itself, is a lesson in creative combinations. Next time I'm bringing home "guacotillo." It's guacamole with green tomatillo tomatos.
    My Dad loves this place which has been open for about a year. I hear they're going to open another location. Perhaps they don't want to help out the competition by having them steal their ideas.
    They also have these (fake) full size trees in the produce section as part of their displays. Apple, orange and lemon trees. Too fun!


  3. I would love to know which store. I spent 17 years of my life working in Palm Springs. Know it like the back of my hand. Never saw a store like that. So glad you had a great week!

  4. Hi Kim,

    I'll give you the 411 next time I pop into Mystic Paper.


  5. Beauty is EVERYWHERE! Love that your eye caught the beauty in the soda displays.