Monday, July 28, 2008

I was asking myself this afternoon... do you do a load of laundry in "cold" water in Phoenix? We won't get cold water out of the tap until maybe September. "Tepid" is more like it and even that's a stretch.

One more week of lazy summer days. Camp is almost over, swim lessons finish this week. Next week is the beginning of setting alarm clocks, being on schedule but in a good way.

There's some things I'm anticipating in the coming week:Hitting 100,000 miles. My car is my set of wings and although I haven't roamed too far, we've managed to get around safe and sound. Thanks Honda!
A weekend with the Thursday Therapy gal pals! The Chicklet and I drove to the far reaches of the corners of suburbia yesterday to visit the Faris bunch and get our shirts ready for the big weekend. Between the two of us, Mrs. Faris and I made 7 shirts. Technology and ironing skills worked! Mr. Faris and the kids prepared yummy homemade pizza followed by some energetic Wii games. The Chicklet had bright, pink cheeks to match my shirts.
No sooner will the Gal Pal weekend end that Art Unraveled begins! The anticipation has beeen building since February. My biggest worry? Child care!!!!!!! School and vacation schedules weren't known that far back and camps are over and there was no vacation with her father this summer so my creativity starts with arranging child care and then I can concentrate on artmaking.
Oh yeah, still rearranging furniture around the house. My style-light wood. The items inherited from my Mom and Tia-dark wood. Yikes is exactly it. The clock was mom's, the little bird hutch and painting were Tia Mary's.
This encaustic piece is titled "Yikes" by local artist Judith Walsh. It's 4' tall which makes it trickier to place in a good spot. Bringing in the computer hutch displaced "Yikes" and I'm on the hunt for another place to hang it. I've got some ideas and then begins the art work merry-go-round, lol. Save one piece, there isn't much of my own work hanging in the house but there is plenty of art. I was lucky enough to trade art during my MARS days. "Yikes" was one of those trades.

I've got a good supply of spackle on hand and the measuring tape and hammer are ready to go. Just have to make up my mind.
In the meantime, I took a closer look at the birdies on the little hutch. They got lost in the jumble and they really are precious.
There's 3 on each side plus 3 per door-all different. Each as beautiful as the last.
I wonder if the artist saw the birds or found the images in books. Where did his/her inspiration come from?


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