Monday, June 23, 2008

White and Black and White

Black, wha? Wha?

I mentioned I'd taken some classes last Friday and Sat. I've been intrigued by how some artists use white. It's not high on my list of color preferences but at times an art work catches just the right depth and I am pulled into a piece. I could probably spent months if not years trying to achieve just that right "feel" with white that I am drawn to.

Friday I took a class with Carol Wingert at Scrapbooks Etc., in Mesa. This book was one of her Creatologie Kits that she offers once a month. It was a full and busy class. There wasn't a whole lot of chit chat because we were so busy on the book. Here's some of what I finished but more of Carol's book can be seen on her site. It's not rocket science but I thought it was the coolest trick to take a piece of tulle, knot it and then thread the knot thru the center of the flower with the rest of the tulle extending out from underneath the flower.Saturday's class was a continuation of the Heart and Soul of Photography class I took at Creative Quest with Marta Gladden earlier in the Spring. The focus of this book was black and white photography. I haven't gotten to the photography part yet but I did finish this classic looking book.
The 8 pages per side alternate from white to black. They each flip up like those photo books from the sixties. The top sheets will hold a 4 x 6 horizontal image and the longer pages underneath can hold vertical images.
I played a bit with iPhoto converting some of my cacti photos to back and white. I read some of the articles/tutorials on the Heart and Soul blog for tips and ideas. I have some rolls of black and white film in the fridge. I might as well load my film camera and put it to work.

We have a road trip to California coming up next month and I 'll get a chance to take some photos that I've wanted to take since the the last class. The family will be getting together and I can finally get a shot of my Dad's hands.

Marta's next theme for Book Club is going to be "Red." OOOOOOh! I'm signed up already. I'm already thinking of "red" and took some "red" shots today.Yep, these are my little piggies. Nope, I don't do the pedicure thing. As much as I think they look great on other ladies. I get more out of painting on collages than on my toes.This one's a re-run but It's the first image that came to mind when Marta said "Red." Marissa

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  1. Love the Carol Wingert book! She teaches some amazing classes. You certainly are keeping busy this summer. Any vacation plans?