Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love books and own lots of books. Art books, textile books, fashion design, surface design, basketry books. Books about Norway, California, home decor, plants/gardening... I try to keep them together by subject but some have gotten pretty mixed up. After looking at my high school annuals laying on their sides and wasted space from the last time I threw them on the shelves, I finally rearranged them.

I've kept IKEA in business with my bookshelf purchases over the years. This 6 ft. tall shelf above holds scrapbooking idea books, Dover books and school annuals. There always ends up being a short shelf and I keep quote/poetry books along with smaller idea books. With the exception of idea books, I threw out every single scrapbook magazine during a clearing frenzy a few monthes ago. The recycling bin weighed a ton!
This book shelf holds all my mixed media/bookmaking/AB/ATC/collage and visual journaling books. I was having a hard time time keeping track and I ended up doubling some by mistake. to prevent that again I place them in alphabetical order by author. It's already kept me from buying 2 books I already have, whew!
You might recognize some of these books from your own library.
Another shelf holds my mixed media magazines. Somerset, Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, some zines and rubber stamping books and catalogues. Wow, there's some empty space!


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  1. I wonder why this looks strangely familiar? Oh! It looks like my den bookshelves! And, my coffee table, and the basket under my coffee table! However, I think you have the bigger stash of books and magazines.