Monday, June 23, 2008

It's so Hot........

even the pigeons are taking a siesta!

The Chicklet started Zoo Camp for this week. Even though it's already 1000 degrees by 8am I was down the street so I trekked around the Botanical Garden for a couple of hours. I'm sure I was a sight to look at. I turn red in minutes when I get hot so that coupled with hair pulled back, wet bandanna around my neck and being nice and sweaty.....ewwwwwww!

The strong light washes out a lot of the plants' colors but I still took close to 175 photos! I played with iPhoto for a little while.
The garden has a new entrance area under construction. The temporary entrance is to the east so I was greeted by this scene. As hot as it is, there's still flowers and plenty of buds on cacti.
Cousin It and friends spent the morning at the Garden too!!!!!!
This guy has to be the black sheep of the It family. I have to make a print of this one and add some googly eyes on him!
The new cacti and succulent pavilion opened a couple of monthes ago. I cracked up when I saw these lined up like a bunch of school kids. Completely unnatural but animated none the less. I tried playing with the shadows and textures and went black and white with the image.Thorny, prickley, how can you not love barrel cacti?
Ok, I might be a cacti nerd. I sucked my breath in when I came across this Mountain Aloe from Botswana/Mozambique/South Africa. I first encountered it at the Boyce Thompsom Arboretum and loved the pattern and texture of it. Cacti with polka dots-COOL!Speaking of Africa, got an elephant? This plant's called Elephant Food.
This Cuayacan bush from Mexico was in full bloom. Hey, I don't know most of the plant names by heart. I happened to remember to photograph some of the name plates.

Lucky you, you got a little tour of the garden minus the sweat!


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