Monday, May 12, 2008


Spent some quality time this weekend working on my Day by Day book that I made in Kelly Kilmer's class. Been slapping stuff down here and there in the last week but couldn't get into it. I'll have to touch on that "in a funk" thing from last week in another post.

I met with the "gal pals" Sat. for an all day crop at Scrap Happy Sisters. The gals cropped and I painted and glued in my book. Fun was had by all, I'd missed the baudiness, the constant joking and the banter. SindeeLoo are you STILL full????? I knew you were a bad influence but had no idea about Brenda. I hope we get to spend more time together, lol.

Can't wait for the next get together sometime this summer. Four weeks of school left and then I'll join the gal pals on Thursdays for Thursday Therapy crops. To be honest, it costs as much as an hour of therapy by the time we shop but it lasts a lot longer!

Worked on the book some more last night after the Chicklet went to bed. There's no rhyme or reason to how I'm working on the pages. Paint or backgrounds have been added randomly as I've flipped back and forth thru the pages. Over the weekend I started to go thru images I've set aside and started to glue them where I felt they coordinated with the pages. Most of the pages are in progress with no set plan in mind. I guess I'll know when I get there.Blotted paint on paper towel for the first layer, Chinese calendar, with a yellow wash of acrylic. Striped tissue paper and jewel magazine image. I like that pop when you put turquoise with red. The lines are perfect for writing on...Pink is not my color but after 9 years with a child who looks great in pink and loves pink, it's rubbed off on me. Washes of acrylic paints in pink. Scrapbook paper scraps for borders on left and right painted with more acrylic washes. Rose magazine image. White doilie colored with rubbed in layers of Portfolio pastels. Stickles lines, swirls and dot accents. This one is definitely a Chicklet inspired page. Words come next. Green washes of acrylic paint. Cut circles from napkin and pieces of Chinese calendar. Magazine image on right. White napkin on left with Portfolio pastel rubbed in and around to integrate it with the background. This one is pretty much done.The background paper consists of a piece of scrap paper I'd texture rubbed with crayon then painted with water color. I tried out the Glimmer Mist stencils on this a couple of weeks ago. Last week I plucked the paper out of the pile but it wasn't big enough to cover the width of 2 pages so I tore it and added the vertical lines, to the right, (from a Nordstrom ad), 7 Gypsies numbered tissue is overlayed. The words came from a magazine article and I'll be adding my list of "10 Things That Make Me Happy" shortly.Red/Pink Portfolio pastels were rubbed into unpainted areas of the bond paper still visible. Here's a close-up of a "paint snot" button. I use cheap, plastic, white plates for a paint palette and let paint globs dry. Sometimes I can get them to pull right off with some interesting results. This glob/snot was pierced and sewn on like a button.

Got more pages and will share those later.



  1. I am STILL FULL!! Ha! NOT!! I am sooo glad you havce been exposed to the bad influence that is Brenda -- we really did have a blast, didn't we? Can't wait to see you again!


  2. These are gorgeous pages Marissa...